“Today marks a momentous occasion, and I couldn't be prouder of the Moharram & Partners | Public Affairs and Strategic Communications (M&P) team for their tremendous efforts in achieving this remarkable milestone.

I am thrilled to announce that M&P has been selected as a strategic partner by Egypt's General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) to position Egypt as a premier investment destination.

GAFI has chosen M&P, the leading public policy and strategic communications firm in the Middle East & Africa region, to enhance investor confidence and effectively communicate Egypt's vast investment potential regionally and globally.

Drawing upon M&P's extensive expertise in public policy and strategic communications, as well as our strong presence in over 40+ markets, we are uniquely positioned to play a crucial role in showcasing Egypt's investment opportunities to international investors, multinational corporations, and financial institutions. Moreover, we will provide support in developing targeted nation branding campaigns, engaging with key stakeholders, and attracting both domestic and foreign investments.

Furthermore, our partnership will prioritize promoting Egypt as an investment gateway to Africa, while also emphasizing Egypt's unwavering commitment to economic reforms, good governance, and transparency to instill confidence among investors.

I am truly grateful to His Excellency Hossam Heiba, President of GAFI, and his distinguished team for their warm hospitality and the trust they have placed in us.”