Cairo - 19 March 2022, M&P joined the leadership of Egypt’s national healthcare authorities and private sector companies at the 6th Annual Arab International Pharmacy Conference (AIPC) earlier today. A session attended by Dr. Ashraf Ismail (Chairman of the General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation & Regulation); Eng. Hossam Sadek (Chief Executive Officer, Universal Health Insurance Authority); Dr. Hisham Stait (Vice Chairman, Unified Procurement Authority); and Dr. Sameh Elbagoury (General Manager of Sandoz Egypt) to discuss “mechanisms of enhancing healthcare standards and strengthening the public-private partnerships”. The session was moderated by Dr. Mohamed Adel Sweilam, Country Manager, Viatris Egypt. 

M&P was granted an exceptional speakership opportunity, during which, the following key issues were highlighted: 


1. The importance of conducting a comprehensive review of the national legislative, policy and regulatory framework governing the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries - from an investment perspective.


2. Participatory decision-making is critical to ensure the creation of an enabling environment for private sector investment in  Egypt’s healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector. 


3. A National Advisory Council on Health Policies (composed of the key governmental healthcare authorities and representatives of private sector as well as Civil Society) may be established to oversee the review of national frameworks, harmonize policies to encourage more private sector investment, as well as ensure continuous consultation between regulators and societal stakeholders.